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Be Your Own Boss

You don’t have to be subjected to working minimum wage jobs at hours you don’t want anymore! Our Guide will give you the opportunity to make $15 to $40 dollars an hour at the hours you want. Creating a steady base of customers can be easy with the boom of the technology era. We’ll tell you exactly how to do that.

Putting money in your hands is our mission.

Step by Step Guide

The Ez Wash and Detail Guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start your own business. Starting with a list of necessary supplies, a thorough guide to correctly washing and detailing cars, and more than 20 free ways to market your business. The marketing techniques alone are worth more than the cost of this guide.

Follow the guide and your pockets will start to fill. We believe in you.

Ez Wash & Detail Guide

  • Equipment and Supplies List
  • How to Wash and Detail
  • 20+ Free Ways to Market Your Business
  • How to Keep Clients
  • Essential Business Documents
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My goal is to create 1 million high paying jobs for students across the country.

With the Ez Wash and Detail business model, you could be one of those students.

Travis Eason

E3 Marketing, LLC